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Do you need help with your tax preparation? Maybe you want to hire a professional financial planner? If that is the case and you are located in Broward County, FL, Stars Professional Multi Services, LLC is the right choice for you. We are a company that can offer you anything, from a tax preparation service to loan modification and financial planning. Turn to us, and you will be able to rely on well-educated and qualified professionals who know how to provide you with a reliable service. You can also turn to us when you need a notary public. Do not hesitate, and choose us to make sure you are hiring the right people!

Principal Reduction

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Property Types

In today's market, we can convince the lender of first lien holders to lower the principle amount to the present market value. (ex: a homeowner owes $600,000 on first but the appraised value is $500,000. We can convince the lender to lower the loan amount to $500,000.) That is a $100,000 reduction in principle for the client.

Under many conditions lenders will accept the property back from the borrower as full payment in order to save the time and expense of going through the foreclosure process. Our job is to convince the lender it's in their best interest to accept the property as payment in full. Note: A deed in lieu will also prevent the lender from filing a 1099 on their loss which is regular income to the borrower.

 Primary homes, investment homes and second homes can qualify for loan modifications. It does not matter what your credit score is. It does not matter how high your loan balance is. What does matter is your total picture on your housing. We are experts at evaluating your housing picture and helping you qualify for lower payments with your current lender.

Stars Professional Multi Services, LLC

When you are looking for a professional tax consultant, keep in mind that we are a company that services its customers with honesty and integrity. We know that God is the one in control, and we humbly ask for his guidance with our live and business. Our services will surely meet your demands, regardless of the nature of your situation. Turn to us, and your needs will be satisfied.

As a professional financial consultant, we offer a variety of services for your convenience. You can count on us when you need a credit card repayment plan, translations, tax preparation services, a notary public, loan modification, and more. With us, you are sure to receive the solutions you are searching for.

Based in Broward County, FL, Stars Professional Multi Services, LLC is a company that strives to exceed the expectations of its customers. We are dedicated to satisfying your needs, and we also work at competitive rates for your ultimate convenience. We provide 10-15% senior discounts, as well as other bonuses for some of our clients. Contact us today, and book an appointment

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